Understanding Trauma

Trauma is an experience of personal violation or overwhelming intrusion on personal safety or integrity or the safety of someone you care about. Once experienced, traumatic incidents or prolonged stress experiences may have continued emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual impacts on an individual and their significant relationships.

Post-Traumatic Stress results when ongoing symptoms recur after a stressful or extremely upsetting experience.

What you need to know:

Commom Symptoms of Traumatic Stress

There are some universal experiences following all forms of trauma, be they experiences of interpersonal violence (sexual, emotional, physical, or verbal abuse perpetrated by another person) or impersonal (accidents, natural disasters, difficult surgical or medical procedures, etc) or experiences of extreme loss.  

Physical reactions to trauma might include:

Cognitive reactions to trauma might include:

Emotional reactions to trauma might include:

Psychological reactions to trauma might include:

Spiritual reactions to trauma might include:

By recognizing the effects of trauma and knowing more about symptoms, a person is better able to decide how to heal and what treatments might help.

We offer Holistic Treatments for Traumatic Stress, including:  


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