Individual Psychotherapy

Health…is largely the art of listening—Levoy

An essential ingredient of the psychotherapeutic process at Tropos is the knowledge that within each of us there exists a deeper wisdom that, given adequate support, naturally moves toward healing and integration. We begin life with a core self that ultimately desires to be healthy, whole and free of dis-ease, regardless of how much pain or distress we may be experiencing in our lives.

Therapy helps one to identify areas where constructive change may improve one's capacity to function better in life, relationship, and work pursuits. Psychotherapy is not just “getting advice”, but learning how to find new solutions and discover greater freedom to make choices you want and to achieve your life goals.

Psychotherapy is the process of examining thoughts, feelings, bodily experience, and relationships, as well as looking at personal and/or family patterns to gain greater understanding about oneself. Through working to increase self-awareness and compassion for ourselves, we may begin to gently reveal the subtle ways we have unwittingly denied ourselves our full potential to experience love and joy in our work and/or personal lives. We may also come to recognize the ways in which we inadvertently create or contribute to suffering in ourselves or others.

Initially, this may mean learning how to listen to ourselves in new ways, understanding how we see the world and relationships, and strengthening our sense of wholeness, as well as building resilience for coping with life’s challenges.

What to expect:

Individual Psychotherapy is a process of meeting with a therapist to assist you in dealing with symptoms or problems you are having. A common aim of therapy is to gain understanding that informs one to make new choices that achieve a better outcome for one's life. This may involve learning new skills, trying out new behaviors, working through old issues, grieving, or letting go of things that no longer serve health or well-being. We may not so much change our experiences, but rather see more clearly how we relate to them and find a source of peace about the ones that have been troubling to us. From this awareness it becomes possible to move with greater flexibility and creativity in the world.

In your initial appointment, we will assess a variety of personal background information, including situations or conditions that may affect the problem for which you are seeking psychotherapeutic treatment. You participate in this process by completing history forms, sometimes specific symptom check lists, and by talking about your situation. A thorough history helps us to determine if there is a medical or other problem requiring additional referral for care. It also helps in identifying what therapeutic methods may be most effective for you. This also allows us to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs based on the initial and ongoing assessments. You will be given information about recommendations (such as for specific types of therapy, biofeedback, medications, or bodywork, etc.) and are encouraged to ask questions to help you understand your care better.

Some Issues for which Individual Psychotherapy may help:



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