Personal Growth and Optimal Performance Enhancement

A basic human need is to live a productive, meaningful life.

Sometimes we feel frustrated by a sense of not being in the right place at the right time, wondering if there is something more to life, wanting to be more on top of things, or believing there is something missing from our lives that other people seem to have.

Or we may just want to be better at whatever it is that we are already doing. We may want to achieve our personal “zone” of optimal performance or have greater inner peace in the face of challenges.

At Tropos, we use a variety of tools to assist people to grow and to function optimally in many areas of human functioning. Some traditional areas where enhanced performance may be desired include work or school (mental performance and creativity), athletics, coping with family life, or in interpersonal relationships.

Our approach to optimal performance includes a thorough assessment of your goals and the issues that might be blocking you from achieving your full potential. This includes identifying:

Some typical desired outcomes for self-enhancement might be:

Steps we believe can be used to help you achieve optimal performance and personal growth:

Services we offer to help you achieve your optimum performance goals:



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