Trope means to turn or change easily. "Tropos" comes from the same root as "Troposhere", the layer of the environment where weather is generated. Our lives, like the weather, are constantly changing.

Tropos Therapeutic Center offers creative solutions to help you deal with life’s changes.

At Tropos, we offer a variety of holistic treatment modalities and both traditional and emerging psychotherapeutic techniques. Our approach to health lies in an integrated system that addresses the whole, and recognizes that there is an inner spirit in each of us that wishes to be healthy.

Human beings are complex multifaceted systems. Health is a reflection of balance and wholeness, manifested in all aspects of our lives. A healthy, balanced body is reflected in a quieter mind; more stable emotions. Likewise, if the mind is tormented, the emotions run rampant, and eventually the body may become ill or worn down. Or we may over-extend ourselves physically and find that our emotional system is overburdened and we have trouble coping.

Our approach to healing focuses on gently balancing and restoring health by both stimulating and activating your mind, body, and spirit`s own innate abilities to heal toward wholeness.

At Tropos, one of our foremost therapeutic approaches lies in the holistic combination of psychotherapeutic tools, spiritual guidance, and bodywork. We have found that the effects of body awareness through psychotherapy or bodywork serve to release deep emotions and core issues that can be further processed and healed with the assistance of a variety of psychotherapeutic tools. As important as the release is, understanding and integrating of one's core issues is just as vital to the healing process.

We believe that imbalances in our mind-body-spirit result in situations of dis-ease. To restore health, it is necessary to balance emotions, thought patterns, physical imbalances, and spiritual issues. Treatment recommendations may address emotional functioning, nutrition, lifestyle practices that enhance health (exercise, gentle stretching, movement), altering thought patterns that maintain dysfunction, balancing the physical body with bodywork or other interventions, and addressing issues of self-forgiveness, hope, and other spiritual issues.



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